Spiritual Direction with Scott Borison

Each time I come here I struggle with what to write on this page! Yes, I’m a spiritual director, an
avocation to which I was called nearly 20 years ago. I offer direction in Portland, Oregon.

I particularly like the quotes below.

“I want to know the mind of God;everything
else is just details.” ….Albert Einstein

“Faith does not require information, knowledge
and certainty, but a free surrender and joyful
bet on His unfelt, untried and unknown goodness.” ….Martin Luther

“The Spirit of God is everywhere. All you
have to do is embrace it.” …. Deepak Chopra

“Experience of God, not belief in God, is the invitation of Christianity.” …Marcus Borg

If you think you’re interested in spiritual direction look though these pages and give me a call at (503) 789-3089 or drop me an email.

(Please note: due to spam considerations my email address has changed: scott@water-law.com.